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The Banksy Facebook Revolution

What is happening on Facebook. Is Banksy painting on everybodys 'walls'? Is he electronically taking over the network giant? There are quite a number of questions to be asked. Some have said that it is a social revolution; others, that it is a revolution in the way that facebook is being used. Or perhaps just a fad.

One writer suggested that it was an opportunity to make people aware of " corporations have grown to be massive soulless entities that have the same legal rights as a human being - a HUMAN being! How can something that has so much power and who's sole purpose is to make as much profit as possible be given the same rights as a human being. How can governments create laws and make them retroactive, just so they can deny a group of people rights they would have otherwise had. They would not see day by day endless examples of the mockery that lawyers have made of the justice system. They don't understand that when wars are raged there are a select group of people who make a lot of money regardless of who wins. They don't realise that world hunger and poverty could be removed from the face of the planet if only 10% of the USA military budget was used for such purposes."

Another, that perhaps it was "...inspiring empowerment in people to stand and say f**k the corrupt establishment..."
I don't think the answer is out there yet. Watch this space for any further developments and I will be watching these links:




  1. I love this blog, Chris! Really nicely done. Cheers!

  2. I personally believe that only the will of the people can "create" a revolution, and therefore social networks such as Facebook only provided a very effective tool for uniting people.

  3. Death to art fags and wigers.

  4. Banksy is silent in his opinions unlike his good buddy the australian gen x artist James DeWeaver,who latest Youtube video against the Corporations and billionaire bad boyz,esp. the Koch Brothers!