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Hitler V Banksy

“Call Winston the war can be over if he can get one of my pictures into the Tate Modern…. I ******* hate this Banksy” – Hitler.

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Hitler V Banksy

What will Banksy do Next?

Thanks to briggsy326 who made this amazing video.
The question is what will Banksy do this space.
Or perhaps these guys know something... ?
Banksy FB Revolution

Banksy Does Hollywood: New Grafitti

Looks like Banksy is doing a spot of advertising for himself as judges decide who is going to get the Oscar for Best Documentary. As the decisions are being made for the Oscars, which are being handed out on the 27 February, four new Banksys have appeared in Hollywood.

Nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion. That possibly is what Banksy is doing in Hollywood at the moment. With his film Exit Through the Gift Shop being considered for Best Documentary it looks like our favourite graffiti artist has been out painting the town over the last few nights.

Here are the works that have appeared to date:
Link: Banksy Does Hollywood: New Grafitti

Banksy Directs The Simpsons

For the first time, in 2010, the Simpsons’ team approached an outside artist to direct the intro to one of its episodes. Prior to this, no outside artist had been allowed to storyboard part of the show. The artist they approached to direct it was Banksy.
The Simpsons team approached Banksy to ask if he would like to do part of the intro and he accepted – supplying storyboards which The Simpsons’ animation team at Film Roman then animated. 
...The sequence is said to have been one of the most closely guarded secrets in US television– comparable to the concealment of Banksy’s own identity....
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The Banksy Facebook Revolution

What is happening on Facebook. Is Banksy painting on everybodys 'walls'? Is he electronically taking over the network giant? There are quite a number of questions to be asked. Some have said that it is a social revolution; others, that it is a revolution in the way that facebook is being used. Or perhaps just a fad.

One writer suggested that it was an opportunity to make people aware of " corporations have grown to be massive soulless entities that have the same legal rights as a human being - a HUMAN being! How can something that has so much power and who's sole purpose is to make as much profit as possible be given the same rights as a human being. How can governments create laws and make them retroactive, just so they can deny a group of people rights they would have otherwise had. They would not see day by day endless examples of the mockery that lawyers have made of the justice system. They don't understand that when wars are raged there are a select group of people who make a lot of money regardless of who wins. They don't realise that world hunger and poverty could be removed from the face of the planet if only 10% of the USA military budget was used for such purposes."

Another, that perhaps it was "...inspiring empowerment in people to stand and say f**k the corrupt establishment..."
I don't think the answer is out there yet. Watch this space for any further developments and I will be watching these links:



Banksy Avatars for Facebook

It’s been quiet on the streets recently. There doesn’t seem to have been any activity from Banksy since his travels promoting his film ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’. But his pictures are reappearing: replacing people’s pics and avatars on their profile pages on Facebook.
It is not something that Banksy is doing -his technology does not go that far (yet). Rather people are selecting his pictures to put up on their Facebook pages by choice.....
Link: Banksy Avatars for Facebook

What Does Banksy Mean: These are Revolutionary Times in Art?

“…it’s important not to forget these are revolutionary times in art.

“There’s a whole new audience out there, and it’s never been easier to sell it, particularly at the lower levels. You don’t have to go to college, drag ’round a portfolio, mail off transparencies to snooty galleries or sleep with someone powerful. All you need now is a few ideas and a broadband connection. This is the first time the essentially bourgeois world of art has belonged to the people. We need to make it count.” Banksy.

How would you interpret that quote from Banksy? This was a challenge that two writers took on.
Do they agree or differ?
Who is right: either, both or neither?

Link: What Does Banksy Mean: These are Revolutionary Times in Art?